happy birthday loser tsuna! ♡  → october 14
You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.


Kenderella was being bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. One time a ball was held at the castle and a magician cast a spell on Kenderella..

Day 7: The Hanged Man Free day ^^

The End.

Regrets. This is the weakness and pitifulness of you in the past.

There’s nothing different about this morning… but for some reason… I feel like something’s missing.

Instead of being good at many things….

… it’s much better to do one thing really well”

"but each of us would give our lives for this team"

Anonymous: Hi do you read the manga fairy tail can you tell me what number the new arc starts I don't want to read the whole manga cause there's lot so I want to start reading after the grand games

yes i do! the current arc in the anime is a filler arc, so it won’t be in the manga. so the chapter that you’re looking for should be 341, which is where the sun village arc starts.

When you’re in a bad shape, you need to let people dote on you unconditionally. Drop the self-consciousness and pride. 


this episode was a mess and i am a mess

"I hope you’ll utilize my services again!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

when someone talks shit about your favorite series


"And before me, three children of dragons."
Tartaros Arc Part 6 - "Magna Carta"